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Halogen Lighting: Why you should switch to LED's Today!

The halogen light bulb or lamp is a type of incandescent lamp which uses a halogen gas in order to increase both light output and rated life. Halogen lamps get hotter than regular incandescent lamps because the heat is concentrated on a smaller envelope surface, and because the surface is closer to the filament. This high temperature is essential to their operation but because they operates at very high temperatures, it can pose fire and burn hazards.

In Australia, numerous house fires each year are attributed to ceiling-mounted halogen down lights.

Recently Channel 9 News reported on a house fire resulting from a Halogen Light Bulbs, See below:

Why you should replace halogen light bulbs with LED's today?

An LED product which is assembled into a lamp or light bulb for use in lighting fixtures have a lifespan and electrical efficiency which uses up to 85% less energy, offers better functionality and saves customers money. But they have many other characteristics that make them the best choice from a sustainability perspective too.

LED lighting supports sustainability in several different ways.

  1. Low energy consumption. LEDs use less energy than other types of light bulbs, places less demand on our energy grid and less demand on the natural resources used to power that grid.

  2. Low heat. Much of the energy consumed by other types of light bulbs is wasted as heat loss. LEDs don’t have this same amount of heat loss, thanks to their efficient design and lack of filament. Cooler bulbs are safer too, posing less of a fire hazard.

  3. No harmful materials used in construction. LED lights do not contain any harmful chemicals or materials.

  4. Waste reduction. Since LEDs last so long (up to 20 years or more) and are more durable than other types of bulbs, fewer dead LED bulbs find their way into the trash.

  5. Recyclability. LEDs are made of recyclable materials. LEDs can be taken to special collection events or drop-off locations where they can be collected and sent off to be dismantled.

So do you still have halogen lighting in your home or office?

Make the switch today, contact us today for your free quote!

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